Masters Tournament *WEEK 4*

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Melee Dojo
  •   33لاعبDouble Elimination
  •   Super Smash Bros. Melee
  •   April 1, 2017 في 9:00 PM EDT
  •   التحقق: مغلق
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Masters Tournament - Season I 

Week #4 on the road to final Grandmasters Event (8th Week)

Regions include East Coast, Mid West, Ontario, and Quebec.

If you want your match to be played on stream, please schedule it with OzeO or MrRandomDynamite ahead of time. Losers finals, semifinals and Grand Finals will be reserved for stream.



1. You must join the Discord channel and join #masters or #grandmasters (depending on tournie you are participating in) when event starts. This is where results and info will be posted. Keep personal chat to a minimum on these channels. You may join the Masters/Grandmasters voice channels if you like but it is not required. 

2. If you are AFK or unavailable for 10 minutes while your bracket opponent is expecting you and you have failed to contact them, a TO will try to reach out and issue a time warning. After 2 more minutes we have the right to disqualify you. This allows our tournaments to not run all night long. If you need to leave the tournament please let us know in the tournament channel or by letting a TO know. 

3. If both parties communicate with each other and both want to take a few minutes to prepare, reset router or go to the restroom etc., that is fine  - please keep it to 5 minutes or under.

4. Grand prizes cannot be exchanged. (Not like you can trade a gifted subscription anyway.)

5. ONLY contact a TO (green names in Discord) if you have waited 5 minutes, asked for your bracket opponent in the Masters channel a maximum of 3 times (to avoid spamming, spammers will be muted for a bit) or if for whatever reason you cannot change bracket results yourself. Please understand how busy our TOS are - if you have any questions or concerns or feel something was unfair in your results, ask in chat before PMing a TO. Seeds are set by skill as much as possible but when data is unavailable they may be random. 

6. When fighting match with your opponent in bracket please use 'Friendlies Best of 3/5 for GF' on Smashladder. This discourages dishonesty and allows TOs to see the results.

7. Players are allowed to do a lag test first and adjust buffer for ping before the real match takes place. Communicate this to your opponent before you go into the first match however - we don't want anyone claiming the first match they lost was really a hand warmer/lag test  if it actually wasn't.

8. Unfortunately, some matches will be laggier than others. Sorry. This is the nature of netplay tournaments. You cannot change/switch/trade opponents.

9. You can not allow another player to substitute yourself unless given permission by TO.

10. Must register with your DISCORD / SMASHLADDER TAG! If you fail to do this please ask a Guide in our Discord server to nickname you temporarily to whatever your name is in bracket. This heavily influences the speed in which our tests run every week!

11. Players are expected to fill brackets in themselves. If for whatever reason you cannot, report your results in #tournaments (Discord server) and continue on to the next round (or spectate/leave if lost). Note that it is considered good sportsmanship to report losing results if needed. Try to resist the salt.

12. Losers Finals, Semifinals, Finals & Grand Finals are reserved for the stream and all will most likely be commentated. If you are interested in having your match streamed in bracket, contact MrRandomDynamite, OzeO or another TO and we will try to fit you in. First come first serve basis. Thank you. * *

13. Seeding in bracket will be random and NOT by order of registration. If you believe your netplay rank/number of matches/experience/super duper special player ribbon qualifies you for a specific place in bracket (usually in a higher round) please contact a TO. If evidence can be supported and there is substantial proof that you deserved higher seed, you will be adjusted accordingly in bracket. However, do not get pissed off if the TO deems it unchangeable. There could be other elements in the process you are not aware of. Bad attitudes and the I'm-pissed-off-without-a-classy-reason-for-it approach will lead to disqualification.

Download Masters & Grandmasters Ruleset (03/13/17)


Head Tournament Organizers For This Event:  

uhProphet, OzeO, Papi


Join our discord for more info before/during tournie or check us out here

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